Financial Planning

If you have been entrusted with the responsibilities for managing the assets and financial affairs for your family/organization, you have come to the right place.  For over 30 years, we have helped our clients achieve financial success. We will start by helping you define your goals.  Maybe it is a better return on your investments, reducing portfolio risk, or perhaps increasing future income, taking the right tax deductions and tax credits, or minimizing estate tax.  Or, maybe you define success by the changes it allows you to make in your life: spending more time with family, donating time or money to charities, more leisure time or even working for fun.  Regardless of your goals, we will help you develop a plan to get there.

Creating Comprehensive Financial Plan

A plan that is uniquely yours.  RFG will work carefully with you to design a financial plan that will help achieve your financial goals be it a comfortable retirement, your children's education, or the ongoing goals and needs of your business or organization. Financial considerations impact every area of life—from work and family to lifestyle in general.  

By using our proven financial planning and management processes, we can unify strategies with the requirements most important to you.  Afterwards developing clear and measurable financial objectives with guidelines is only the beginning.  Ultimately you will walk away with a complete plan including an action, funding and rebalancing strategy to meet your financial objectives.

Our fee for a comprehensive financial plan is $5,000.  However, the fee is waived for accounts with one million dollar and over positive balance.  

Our Financial Planning Approach

Our approach is built upon successful implementation in all kinds of market situations. The goal is to improve each client's financial well-being through the design and successful execution of personalized financial plans. Your CFP® will work with you in person or by phone to:

• Gain a complete understanding of your goals and objectives and set realistic expectations for achieving them.

• Conduct a thorough evaluation of your financial situation including Retirement security, funds for education and other major expenses, estate planning, portfolio allocation and more.

• Provide the help you need to put your plan into action—and to realize the financial future you deserve.

RFG’s Planning Process involves four steps:

1-Defining Objectives

The first meeting with you is a critical step in building an effective personal relationship. We ask the right questions based upon our extensive experience and build a meaningful picture of your finances, risk tolerance, educational needs, retirement objectives, income level, and risk exposure. 

Through our hands-on approach, we will begin looking at both your short and long-term goals and objectives as well as your assets and liabilities to determine the best way to proceed. With input from you we can then develop clear and measurable financial objectives and guidelines to help achieve a meaningful impact on your life goals.

2-Developing a Financial Plan

In creating your financial plan, your Certified Financial Planner™  will draft and analyze balance sheets and asset allocation exhibits to obtain a clear picture of your financial state.  Such analysis is crucial in building a plan to meet your objectives over the long-term, while retaining the flexibility and liquidity for any short-term needs that may arise. 

The plan may contain programs to enhance cash flow, tax-withholding recommendations, or strategies to enhance the funding of a comfortable retirement, your children's education, or your organization's financial goals. Using this and developmental tools, we can deliver a financial plan that provides you with a highly specific set of recommendations.


We will help you to select the most appropriate fund managers.  Our investment policy is centered on a long-term and diversified approach.  RFG supports implementation of the financial plan with full supporting documentation.  If you already have professional advisors, we can work closely with them in implementing an integrated plan, or we can refer you to our affiliates specialists including CPAs, estate lawyers and insurance providers.

4-Monitoring and Ongoing Refinement

We continue to monitor the success of your improved financial plan.  Fine Tuning your financial health is a lifetime process.  We work with our clients in an ongoing relationship, which we value.  We provide our clients the definitive edge that is necessary when planning for result and success.

Achieving Your Financial Goals

RFG's comprehensive financial planning services include estate planning, education funding, income tax planning, retirement planning and business planning.

Let us assist you in identifying your financial goals and potential risks, evaluating your current investment plan and advising you in your course of action to better achieve your objectives.

To find out more about financial planning services offered through RFG, contact us at (818) 330-9610 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.