Client Services

Your gateway to Regency Financial Group (RFG) starts with your CFP® Advisor, a highly trained professional and fiduciary whose only job is to focus on you. Your CFP® Advisor doesn’t sell checking services.  You and your family and your investment objectives are your CFP® Advisor’s single charge. 

Your CFP® Advisor commitment to providing integrated solutions is based on the premise of meeting all of your financial, investment, and wealth planning needs.  Our wide variety of product solutions coupled with access to planning specialists allow your CFP® Advisor the ability to offer you integrated solutions.  Through RFG you will have instant access to account balances, holdings, transaction history, reports, and market data.

We may assist you to:

  • Avoid performance chasing when selecting asset classes and portfolios
  • Manage risk comprehensively without reducing long-term returns
  • Reduce taxes more effectively. We assess potential trades on an after-tax basis, taking into account all the gains and losses across your portfolios

Client Services include:
Asset Management
Education planning
Estate planning
Financial planning
Portfolio management
Retirement planning
Tax planning
Wealth management
Real estate services and 1031 Exchange